10 Project Pan ♥

10 Project pan Mid August-October

With Christmas coming up I thought I would be a wise idea to cut down on the amount of junk in my room that, I never use! The only true junk I have is beauty related items purely because they just sit there and get dusty. I filmed a counterpart video to this post, so if you want to check it out you can!

1.    Lavender Bath Bubbles
I have gone of the sent of lavender, and I do not bath nearly as much as I’d like to (obviously I shower daily, but) as soon as I’m lucky enough to grab a bath I never have bubbles because I like to put my head under…I’m like a mammoth on hot cobble when I have soap in my eyes.  
2.  Strawberry Shower Gel
I have so, so many of these and again I’m going of the scent, I just want to slightly lower the amount of bottle I have accumulated so that I have space for smells that I’m loving at the moment, it’s time will come back around.   
3.  Herbal Essences Shampoo
I loved this, and my hair loved this too…for a short period of time! My hair gets used to things very quickly and then starts to get even more ‘needy’ so I have to switch up my shampoos and conditioners as soon as really. 
4. Herbal Essences Conditioners
I never finish anything honestly, there is only dribs and drabs left in both of them, but because I’m thrifty it can probably last me 2-3 washes!
5.  Skin so Soft Cream
Not going to lie, it smells hideous and *slaps on the wrist* I loath creaming it takes forever, and the idea of rubbing my skin for 45 minute (am I sensing exaggeration Iyana) make me want to shrivel into a prune.
6.  Heat protection spray
This is just a con to get myself into the habit of using it really *shh*
7.  W7 Eyeliner
Every now and again I go to use it & it’s all dried up! And because I’m a mess ball I’ll chuck it down in my room…and then when I’m cleaning my room *4 months later*
8.  Salon Hair Styling Gel
I’m not really into gel these days, but back in the days when I was young and foolish *Yesterday then* I was hooked on the stuff & this is my only reminder of bad short round curly fro!
9.   L’Oreal Elvive Paris Anti-breakage 
I love the smell of this, and to be honest I only have a little bit left and its just taking up space, that I can use for clothes! (Clearly I mean the whole drawer)  
The deadline that I'm setting myself is October 4th, hopefully by then I would have finished all this shebang!


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