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                                                                                                                                                          by Iyana-nikita
Clear boots
are off this world, I love them! The best thing is they are only around £30 on eBay…these would be in my closet right now if it wasn’t for the fact I don’t have an PayPal account yet *sad times*. I originally decided to ignore my strong feels for these booties, and go about my online browsing addiction…and then Lauren Rose made a Lookbook, and I cracked like humpty.

I’ve been dying to find a standard black trench coat; I don’t know why this is turning into mission impossible!
On my journeys I found this pretty awesome yellow trench coat and for £79 pounds it’s a lot cheaper than the black ones I have came across, yellow being my most favouritest colour is the whole wide universe this had to make the list.

Beanies, beanies, Beanies! There is nothing better than a god old hat, and when it’s a beanie you really can’t go wrong. I have quite a few already, but not this one…and
that is why it’s on my all time fashion lust list.

These Topshop boots are sold out, agh! I really wish they would restock them, but the future doesn’t look bright, as some would say. I can’t even find them on eBay or second hand. You know when you find a pair of shoes and your heart starts to ache so much and you start to get light headed because every organ in your body knows you need it, that’s this shoe!    

Cami dresses are not really for me generally speaking, because I’m quite lumpy and bumpy, but I really can’t take my eyes of this one, even though it’s so simple. I can think of a million and one was I can style it with ease.

As for the three accessories; listen to my logic…I will never buy them despite being in the comfortable price range, because even though I do think they are stunning pieces, I don’t like gold…so I don’t like them. Does anyone else have that problem, but if they were in silver you wouldn’t like them? Is it just me?

So, that’s my post for today, hope you enjoyed it & I’ll write to you soon,
All my thoughts and wishes,

All the links to the items:

Topshop , £24 / Via Spiga trench coat, £79 / Low platform heels, £40 / Cut-out booties / Cross ear cuff, £5.00 / Curb chain necklace, £17 / ASOS , £17 / TOPMAN Gold Effect Dino Ear Spike Tunnel

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