How to Spot a Fake Friend....

Is our Friendship really a Friendship? 
feeling motivated after doing the friendship test with one of my besties, I thought it was about time I added some lifestyle into our blog and made a list on ‘how to spot a fake friend’ as this is a common question we have being social beings…

Gossip & Drama…
Gossiping is a really bad habit & Just because they gossip doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad friend, it’s just when they gossip about their ‘friends’ when situation gets a bit suspicious. Who’s to say they are not gossiping about you…
Gossiping creates a really bad vibe, and although people aren’t saying it…they are thinking it, which in my opinion is a hell of a lot worse because that will only send them off gossiping in the future to come.   
Finally gossiping leads to drama, and if they take the backseat role when sugar hits the fan…they probably need a word or two.

Words of Wisdom
I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but people who are not in your shoes often have a clear un-basis judgment of your situation. I have witnessed people being walked all over by their ‘best-friend’ and other people going up to them and being like ‘I think they are using you, blah…’ and in some cases it can just be ‘gossip’ but sometimes they may have a point so you might want to try being less rude next time someone try’s to look out for you.

This goes for both of you. If you feel you have to lie about what you doing, how you view thing and even mask your personality all together then you probably shouldn’t be friends…if you can’t be yourself.
Same goes for them, if you feel they are lying about things willy-nillilly then they are not being true to who they are…unless of course they are a plain out right liar. Everyone lies, everyone has a secret or two, but lying for the sheer fun and with no intention to protect your feeling spells out ‘F-A-K-E’ to the rest of mankind.

They are my three golden rules when I feel me and a ‘friend’ just aren’t clicking or have never clicked and I need to e valuate if the drama is really worth it…

Hope you found this post helpful and if you feel situation is more than just fake friendships and more on the lines of bullying please talk to someone, if you feel you can’t talk to anyone you know about it ring child line if you are a UK Citizen it’s free and confidential on: 0800 1111.

Otherwise DM or tweet me & I’ll be your buddy! (@Iyananikita)
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