Mac● Starter Kit

Mac: Starter Kit

When I first started to reap the benefits of makeup, it was really a quantity over quality affair, but as I’ve aged through these treacherous 17 years of human life, I’ve began to realise quality is heap more important. In all aspects to, for example your can not go and eat any baked beans, it has to be Heinz…right?
Although I don’t go and splurge on make, I thought to help you and I save some pennies, I’d come up with a universal MAC Starter Kit, for beginners that want to delve into this brand.

(Foundations, Concealer & Primer)

There are two foundations, in which I’m going to recommend as basic day to day wear; M.A.C Face and body Foundation and M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid, which are kind of two extreme opposites.

Personally, I sway more towards the Studio Fix, as it has a medium coverage which is buildable, but breathable! Not only this, but the colour range is epic alongside it’s staying power. I have ultimate combination skin and as long as I set it probably, it works wonders!  

There’re is one clear overall winner for me on this one, and that is select moisture cover. I mean the application method isn’t super because it’s on essentially a lip gloss brush and therefore isn’t really hygienic when covering up spots and any other nastiest that decide to latch onto your face, however in the terms of precision I suppose it’s a bonus. Also because it’s so easily blended, if you was in a run and go scenario, you wouldn’t really need foundation because it almost melts into your skin like ‘un-liquidised’ minerals do.       


Frankly scarlet is my most adored blush of all time, well next to NARS Exhibit A which can be drooled over here, it’s also another shade of red. I’d say it suits all skin tones down to T. Darker complexions can really pull it off with a nude lip; it’d go down a treat. Melba on the other hand is alit more chic and less out there its got minimal shimmer, but it’s still their so if you have oily skin you might want to opt for Prism or Buff which are both a matte finish.

As for any other base makeup like primers, and fixes…I wouldn’t really splash the cash because there are ones that are the same price/ much cheaper that do the same job (& some even better)
EYES (Shadows)  

When it comes to eyes since I live in my pre-made Eye shadow palettes, my drugstore mascaras that I go through every week and my good old reliable W7 liquid eyeliner, I can’t justify spending the amount of money MACS eye stuff is! £12.50 for a single Eye shadow when I can practically buy two sleek palettes, which are highly pigmented for the same price, I think I’ll pass. nevertheless, when it comes to me saying I’m not going to buy something I almost always go back on my word so these are the two I couldn’t refuse.


Carbon which is the black *dur* and wood winked, wood-winked is a really common favourite as it's like a shimmer bronzey colour that goes with every skin tone in the book and beyond is such a lovely highly pigmented colour. Carbon is my guilty lust, I really like black eyeshadow so since carbon is the blackest I've seen in macs eyeshadows so far I had to mention it. 

It’s really hard to pick a universal lip colour because we all have things we like and we hate, for example I hate shimmer and love matte. I have picked out 2  lipstick which I feel can be worn by anyone and still look 100% divine & the colour I picked is Diva & Kinda Sexy.
Thanks so much for reading! Do you have any mac must haves?
All my Love,




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