Natural Beauty Benefits (#1)

Natural Beauty Benefits


This months natural beauty benefits is *Drum roll* Beauty benefits of Avocado. Avocado is a fruit natively grown in Mexico. I think they are quite an acquired taste, I love them now but when I was younger & someone put it in my salad I almost died (quite dramatically), alongside my mortified family members.

Avocado on the whole is very replenishing and because it’s natural there is hardly any space to go wrong. I’m going to share will you a couple ways you can use avocado to enrich you beauty regime.

—Clean soft moisturised Skin—

I suffer from really crappy in all aspects skin, because it’s so sensitive it only accepts a limited amount of both natural and chemical products. However, avocados meet my skins picky criteria.

Every now and again I will take half a ripe avocado (mainly because I’ve eaten the rest) and mash it up really finely into a paste type mess and add 2-3 tea spoons of organic yogurt. You can add honey for extra moisture. Honey tends to freak me out, so I stay clear, no offence Mr. Honey bee.

The oils in the avocado is really good at penetrating through the skin layers, helping to clean pores and restore healthy cell growth going on under there. You can also make the formula into a thicker paste by using more avocados, and a little less yogurt. It’s apparently good for an anti-age mask.  

—Sun Screen—

Now I wouldn’t suggest going out in the blazing sun anyway, but in the pre-summer months and in winter where the sun is closer to earth and therefore harsher on warmer days you can smother avocado on you. This will help to protect you skin and hair from UV and UVB rays. *Warning* Make sure you rubbed it in properly, you don’t wont to go out looking like the hulk, however cool it may be to have alien skin.    

—Shiny Glossy Hair Mask—

Depending on how long and thick your hair is depends on how many you are going to need but for my hair which is just hitting shoulder length I would use 1 and ½ because it’s quite thick and half an egg or a small one. How much egg you will need, again depends on your own hair. Eggs for me make my hair really brittle and try …my poor little stands cant deal with that much protein.


Who knows what next months natural beauty recommendations will be! Hope you enjoyed this post & I’ll write to you soon,


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