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This is my official blog opening post, lets be honest it’s slightly pointless, but I thought I would quickly introduce myself & my blog to you. So I typed into my old pal Google, introductory questions and some questions, ironically popped up, so I thought I’ve give them a bash and maybe you can get to know me & what my blog is going to be about.

Ready or not, let’s play…get to know the weirdo…

What’s your name, age & where do you come from?
My name is Iyana-Nikita *ironically* some double barrelled fun there, it’s like a tongue twister, no one ever seems to get it right first strive. I’m 16 and I’m going to be the grand old age of 17 in just 4 days! Finally then I’m from good’ old England, & I love the weather.

What are your life (& blog) aspirations?
My life aspirations is to own or at least set up my own business in the beauty/fashion related sector, but that’s more of a hobby for me. When it come to a career I want to become a vet nurse or something with animals otherwise (I’m studying animals now). Any other life aspirations would be to own a pair of Jeffery Campbell’s shoes, go and live aboard for a short time (I love England too much) and own lots and lots of pets.

Blog aspirations, I don’t have any…I’m going to let it evolve into what ever it or doesn’t evolve into. It’s just a bit of fun, so I don’t feel it needs any direction other than being and enjoyment of mine, & maybe others.

What are you going to be doing with your blog?
’m going to be distributing anything form OOTD & review posts to fitness and diet as these are keen interests of mine, as I said I have no direction apart from fun times, so you’ll have to see when you see;)  

And that’s all for this post, my next post will be on Tuesday the 6th. Meanwhile if you want to see and hear from me sooner you can have a nose at my social media platforms, which are:
Instagram:                             @IyanaNikita , http://instagram.com/iyananikita#
Twitter:                                  @IyanaNikita , https://twitter.com/IyanaNikita  
YouTube:                                www.youtube.com/iyananikita , *Don’t post yet, but hey*
Keek:                                       @IyanaNikita , https://www.keek.com/IyanaNikita


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