Significance of Makeup today

What is the Significance of Makeup to you?

‘A woman without paint, is like food without salt’ -Plautus

Appearance plays a sickening role in society at present; and let’s face it people play up to it whether that be by buying a fancy new care or bleaching their skin. My question for you today is what is the significance of makeup to you?

Personally, I can go out the house without a drop of face alteration, but the idea isn’t very enticing. The thought of not wearing makeup in my head is completely fine, but the proposal of never wearing makeup again, is quite upsetting! Truth be told, I don’t even wear close to a full face ever, winged eyeliner and at a push mascara and I’m done.

Internally ask yourself, could you really bare it to got out with a naked face...for the rest of your life? and if you think you can, ask yourself 'why don't I?' comment bellow or tweet me how you feel makeup has imprinted on society.



  1. Ahw I adore your turquoise/blue hair!

    1. Thank you so much! My roots are insane though, aha! :)

    2. Ah I know, I had bright red hair for a while and the upkeep was ridiculous! But the torquoise suits you very well, I dig it!

  2. What an interesting idea! I feel completely fine without makeup, I just really enjoy it. It's kind of like an art to me! I think the only way I would be okay with never wearing makeup again is if I never tried wearing makeup!

  3. What a lovely comment! You have an amazing outlook on the idea :D


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