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13 Personal Questions tag!

Asha & I at our last festival affair

What do you order at Starbucks?
I don’t like to drink in public because the idea of having to use a public toilet scares me, genuine problem of mine *Awkward*, but when I do it’s always a normal hot chocolate or a white hot chocolate with no fancy bits (I can’t stand crème). Food wise, I always get a blueberry cheese cake slice without fail every time I go.

What’s the one thing you can’t love without in your closet?
I think everyone who has ever seen me would know this answer, my Steve Madden faux fur black coat. I never ever go out without it, unless it’s scorching outside & I have pathetic circulation so most times I take it with me ‘just in case’.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m actually quite talkative, I’m just so shy! My friend & I were talking about it the other day and she said that I’m not shy; I just have to get to know you well before I can be all crazy and me. Which I suppose it true, but yeah!  

What’s one thing you want to do before you die?
How morbid is this question, I would love to go and live abroad for a while even if it’s not even a year. Thailand sounds very persuading to me, but the langue is very hard. Let’s be honest I couldn’t even do GCSE French.
What quote do you live your life by?
Everything has beauty; just not everyone can see it! I try to live by this although it seems more of a vanity quotes its not for me. It’s to remind myself, because lets be honest we all do it at some point, judge someone by the way they look; whether that is because they are plastered in fake tan or missing an ear, who am I (or anyone) to judge someone else by their look.

What do you like and dislike about the YouTube community?
Start of with the negatives, when people don’t read the down bar…and get really annoyed when they don’t get a response, and the final thing I don’t like about YouTube is the judgement. If someone has drawn on a wonky eyebrow they have a wonky brow, I’m sure they noticed when they watched it themselves.

What a like about YouTube though out weights the negatives despite the judgement, there is so much diversity and support going on it’s pretty awesome. I don’t make videos anymore, sadly though!      

What’s your number one song on your iPod/ iTunes?
I’m not into music really & the music I do listen to is usually really embarrassing, but don’t judge me. I lost my phone on the bus last month so I’ve guessed a couple likely:
We didn’t start the fire (Billy Joel)
The day I left the womb (Escape the Fate)
Girls don’t like boys (Good Charlotte)
Stacey’s mom (foundation of wane)

What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
I don’t think anyone can define their own style if it truly is their own, I don’t know what mine is but I wear a lot of monochrome, purely because it requires less thinking time. My friend in the picture above calls me a hipster all the time, I’m not…I promise.

What’s your Favourite number?
4 & here’s why:
Works with every word so I just find it so cool…

What are your two hobbies?
If you can class eating junk as a hobby, then that would be one defiantly. Other than that l like to act, you never now I might even do a monologue for you guys one day.

What are your two pet peeves?
People touching my bedroom wall, it makes me cringe…and its one precise wall in my bedroom in my bedroom too that really frustrates me, I don’t know why. My final pet peeve is people ‘angry’ shouting if that makes sense.

Anyway, that was my 13 personal questions…if your reading this and want to do it yourself you can say I tagged you. I’d love to watch your video responses & read your posts.

All my thoughts,
I’ll write to you soon,

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