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I hear you’re a minimalist

I’m pretty practical when it comes to clothing; I’m such an awkward person in general, so if I happen to be wearing something in public that I don’t feel 110% snug in, I’ll start walking funny & get all flustered (If anyone wants to adopt my brain, I’ll pay you) So, here is an outfit idea that I would wear!

Outfit verdict
The faux leather snake style dress is the main focus of the outfit so I’ve opted for close to no jewellery going on. Of course I had to have something so I’ve picked out these textured multi pack rings from ASOS which is only £6 what a bargain, and because they are so plain will not clash with the dress!

I’ve paired this very classical looking dress with a pair of semi cut out boots with a white block heel. I love block heels, not only because I look like bambi when I try to wear something higher than an inch in normal heels, but because the white sole gives it a slight more dimension. If this is not your style I’m sure boohoo do a backend vision of these without the cut-out, in a more canvas affair.

Beanie time! This is officially the first beanie put onto my blog, it’s strange because I’m sadly obsessed with them. This beanie is pretty plain, and since the outfit is slightly classier than looking ‘standard’ I thought the text on the beanie and the beanie itself will tone it down slightly.
I’ve left a coat out because I wasn’t sure weather to go for a black trench or a white one, let me know what you think! Finally then, the bag, I love satchels and surprisingly I don’t own a white one, probably because it would look brown in a week, with chocolate not dirt!
Hoped you enjoyed!
Loads of love,

Thank you for reading & I’ll write to you very soon,
What are your fashions don'ts/dos?


  1. Love this outfit! That dress is really cute.


  2. I adore that beanie! Perfect to cover up my hair when it goes completely frizzy and crazy!x
    ♡ Astrid | http://petitmocha.blogspot.be/ ♡

    1. Ha ha, my trail of thought exactly! :D x

  3. I could do with that hat!
    I've 'nominated' you for a Leibster Award. Click my link to find out more x

    1. Thank you so much lovely, it honestly means a lot! I will hopefully be posting the post this weekend! I've been so busy lately *huffs* But thank you again!


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