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Scent of Thrills

This is my little bottle of sheer divine; it smells like heavens palace (whatever that smells like). It’s not something I’d usually go for, because it’s quite heavy in the floral department, and I tend to go for airy scents like coconuts and vanillas, but it is quite pleasant.  

What I find visually attractive my repulse someone else, so I shan’t pass judgement but what I will say is; it’s very classically Joop –that’s that, appearance to me doesn’t affect the product quality in my opinion!  

As for the actual product make up, my day job is not a scent tester so I wouldn’t a clue, but apparently it smells strongly of mimosa; which I have heard is an intoxicatingly sweet floral scent. The only smells I can define are peaches and maybe even a hint of vanilla. Regardless, it’s an exceptionally powdery floral scent, with extremely sweet undertones.

The overall product is exceedingly sweet without being too provocative; it reminds me of honey dew sugariness without smelling like honey dew. Personally, for me it’s a day fragrance with a moderate to long staying power, depending on my day’s activities. Regardless, at the end of the day, it may only be faint but I can still smell it.    

I honestly found it had to find a fault with it, but then I remembered the price tag! It retails in for £32.50-£36.00 for 50ml, personally I think it’s worth it…but I have had to stop using it as an everyday shenanigan, but it depends on your personal limits and finance.

What’s your current day time perfume?


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