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I love Topshop nail polishes! They are seriously so beautiful. I only really venture into my local Topshop, so I can’t vouch for others, but the way they display them is stunning, as soon as I walk into Topshop I’m in the nail corner…drooling (obviously, only metaphorically otherwise I’ll heave).

Sadly I only have a few Topshop nail varnishes since they retail at £5 a bottle, which sounds pretty good in comparison with O.P.I, and are quite opaque on a one coat basis. Below are just some of the ones I want to add into my collection form (left to right):

I LOVE this colour it reminds me of pistachio by sinful colour if anything slightly brighter. It’s name is true to form too.
Green Room
Never been in a green room, but despite that I feel the colour belongs in my nail polish collection, it just screams ‘Iyana-Nikita you must buy me…today’, it’s the type of green you just can’t say no too.
This is a bright Orange, this colour was defiantly lunched this year otherwise I would have it already. It’s on my list for next time I go into Topshop! It’s so orange, if you know me, you’ll already know that I love to wear black outfits a hell of a lot with bright neon nails and a neon bag. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

Every human needs a good old pink nail varnish. Pink is a colour that suits practically any sink tone, despite the shade of pink. High Voltage is defiantly one I need! I don’t have one so dark, but still with dimension…I’ve seen one of my friends wear it and I’m still in complete lust for it.
Parma Violet
This is one of those colours that doesn’t shout hey look at me, which is quite common in my current collection. I feel it’s such a quite colour, which when I get even darker in the summer will look so beautiful against my skin. Even though I’m quite dark already, I feel with the extra bit of colour it will look even lusher.
Gypsy Night
Now, I don’t know if you can tell or not, but this is some pretty blingin’ black! It has a slight shimmer to it, when I get it I will of course show you a swatch but boy is it beautiful. I love matte everything, so I think it will look amazing under a matte topcoat.
I didn’t realise I actually already have this colour, don’t ask me how it’s like my signature colour, I’ve even got it on now under a blue glitter. Think of the sky on a clear bright day, and celestial is the colour that will pop up into your head. It’s slightly brighter than the bottle lets you perceive, but only by a fraction.

So Guys, this is my wish list of all the Topshop nail polishes I ‘NEED’ not ‘want’ in my life, I hope you enjoyed this post & let me know your dupes, or which is your favourite Topshop nail varnish!

Thank you for reading & I’ll write to you very soon,

Which are your favourites?




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