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Getting things Nailed
Let’s be honest, we all have that beauty ‘regime’ that we neglect, and mine is my nails. The idea of using cuticle oil or even filing my nails is defiantly an alien idea, but today I’ve been feeling some remorse for my claws and have decided to give them a good’ old pamper!

Starters I need to banish that month old nail design, which was once a thoughtful whole hour of pure creative attentiveness. If you wish to see a step by step on what my nails actually looked like before the neglect you can watch the video, or I have a complementary blog post.
Next up its time for the big chop, I use nail clippers to shorten my nails, just because it’s a quick fix, but if you have shorter nails you can just go in with a file. Remember, its best to use a glass file and always file in the one direction. After I’ve used the clippers I tidy it up with any old file & move swiftly on to the next step.
The next step being the final step, is using a hand and nail cream, there are so many in the market these days you just have to find the one that works for you. After you have let that sink in you can apply cuticle oil. I tend to reach for nail and cuticle conditioner, just to replenish them both and I find they have less residue. There you have it; this is how I get my nails back in tip-top condition.
Thank you for reading & I’ll write to you very soon,
Quick Little Note:
◦Bare Bed…
If weak nails are your strong point you may want to try going nail polish free for a while, it will also help if you’re suffering from stains       
◦Cutie Cuticles…
Not everyone needs to remove their cuticles, I’ve only had to do this once in my lifetime, cuticles are their for a reason and only need to be removed when they begin to look shabby and dry…this may never even happen for some people!

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