Review ● Carrots & Vitamin E Strengthening Conditioning Cream

Are you Considering Carrots?

Well you should be! I brought this tub of awesomeness about 2 weeks ago and it has worked wonders and beyond in my hair –in such a short time period! Today my lovelies, I shall be reviewing the African Pride Blends Carrot & Vitamin E Conditioning Cream.  

First of lets just clear the air, you do not have to be ‘African’ or have afro Caribbean hair to use this product/brand. If you have extremely dry and or fizzy hair I would say this is a brand to explore.

My hair since I have been using this has been extremely smooth, both when my hair is straight and curly! Its made if feel a hell of a lot more softer and nourished –my hair is known to snap at the touch, but this little pot of power (I went there) has actually made a difference to my mane!    

As for the product itself, it’s suitably orange as both the name and pot indicates and has a smoothie type texture which is neither here nor there to me. The only thing I do have to say negatively about this product though is the smell, *ironically* enough it smells like carrots, now you may like the smell of carrots…but I really don’t!
I use it virtually twice a day, everyday! And I use the amount show in the picture, if you tend to get greasy hair though, I would say go for every 2-3 days just to limit the build up in your hair.

There is not much else to say, it does what is says on the packaging and at only £3 a tub, it’s worth a try! I have a feeling this is going to be in my repurchases for a very long time!         
Thank you for reading & please let me know if you try it!


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