The Video • My Perfect Imperfections

My Perfect Imperfections!

“Nothing and no one is perfect. It just takes a good eye to find those hidden imperfections.”
I did the perfect imperfections video by AndréasChoice. Personally I think its always good to look at the negatives and the positives in every situation, even if it is something physical…ideally when you think about a negative, you should think about at least two positives (this is going to be my new motto, why not make it yours?).

For the most part I just rambled on about things, life got a bit out of control when I started talking about my ears, good job I edited it out & you don’t have to see it :)  

My ‘Imperfections”

-My feet, lets stop at the word toes!

-My height, I like being short I just wish I had either 2’’ difference increase or decrease 

-Eyebrows, they are their own breed of plant because of how bushy they are!

My “Perfections”

-Eyes, even if my mum says I have cow eyes -_-

-Hair, I love my curl pattern and it’s fairly thick too! 

-Ears, I used to hate my elf ears…now I’ve got out into the real world, I realised I’m blessed.



◦I hope I don’t appear vain it’s a really common tag!

◦Also I am very fortunate that I’m not disabled *least physically* in any way shape or form, I understand that there’re people out there who are missing limbs and getting and are loving life!

◦ Even though these are in my opinion, my flaws I will not change any part of my physical appearance permanently, I shall not insult my parents genes!     


  1. Loved this! I agree that is such a great motto too. Everyone needs to learn to love themselves more. Nobody is perfect after all!
    Also I love your big curly hair :)
    Sophie x x

    (I think you followed me on my old wordpress blog, I have now just got a new URL though
    so please re-follow this one if you still want to keep updated on my posts!)

  2. Defiantly! +& Thank you so much!
    +Done :D x

  3. Gorgeous and your hair looks bangin x

  4. such a lovely post, you do have beautiful eyes, and I think cow eyes should be a compliment! they have lovely big brown eyes

    ordaining serendipity

    1. Thank you lovely! +& I'll try and take it as a compliment next time haha! :D

  5. Love this! and Andreas Choice <3


    Natalie xo

    1. Thank you beautiful <3 +& I know she seems adorable! :D


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