2/30 Day Challange| How have you changed in the last 2 years?

The Last two years in photos...
Woah a lot happens in two years doesn’t it, physically I’ve shrunk by 1cm and I’ve bleached and dyed my hair multiple times! Here’s some photos in chronological order!
Turned 15 

I brought myself (more like my mum did) a snood.
I went though a really girly stage (& thats when I thought about Blogging)
I got my eyebrows over plucked =Girly stage over
I finished School and ironically stopped seeing my 'friends' and my eyebrows grow back!
I went to prom
I dyed my hair pink 
I started Collage and meet two beautiful girls
My baby died  
I turned 17 (I couldn't find a picture with blue hair) 

I started Blogging
If you’re going to do this to, please let me know!


  1. I really dig your pink hair! It's amazing
    x Astrid

    1. Thank you, it faded within two weeks, so I had to walk around with blonde hair afterwards! :/ xx


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