3/30 Day Challenge • What Attracts you?

Friendship wise; someone that’s not afraid to insult me and vice versa, if you were to spend a day with me and my closest friends, you’d probably think ‘why are they friends again?’ we have a lot of banter! From experience, they have to be different from me, I hardly even get on will people that are alike me in every single aspect!

Attract in attractiveness then, as long as your teeth are okay, you don’t have dirt under your finger nails then you pretty much good to go! It sounds cliché, but it only really matter who you are on the inside + Oh & Having long hair is defiantly a bonus though, it’s not cool when you have more hair on your eyebrows then you do your head (no, offence to bold people) wouldn’t mind myself a Willy Cartier.

I feel like I’m writing a dating entry or something, so I’m going to go now and I’ll type to you tomorrow and if you’re going to do this to, please let me know!

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