5/30 Day Challenge ● Five things that irritate you about the opposite Sex/Same Sex

I’m not sexist, so I just made it (Semi) universal; these are the 5 things that irritate me about girls and boys…

  1. When they practically beg for compliments, classic example…
-"OMG, I look so ugly in this photos, tired no makeup"
#Correction, it looks like you raided MAC’s Warehouse and if you thought you looked that bad why post it on the internet for the whole world to see?  

  1. When boys/girls are overly kind to their girl/boyfriends, honestly makes me want to gag! No that I’m bitter or anything, but do you have to?

  1. This bugs me so much, I’d do it too if it was a bug, but when people run away from dogs…they can clearly run faster than you, and you’re probably not as tasty as you think anyway! ;)
  1. When boys flit with other girls, even though they quite clearly have a girlfriend…I honestly don’t know why some girls entertain it

  1. When you class your friendship rate at minus 4 and they go in for a hug. Do people not know that hugs are at level 28? Ha, But awkward/goodbyes greeting is my final irritant.
Rant over, how about you?

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