My brain, My Mind, My thoughts ♥ I'm not a Sheep, I'm an Individual

When I think about my life, I always get an overwhelming sense of emptiness –and it’s so depressing because I know I have a beautiful life. I’m so, so fortunate for my situation, you guys don’t even know how lucky I am, I don’t think my brain has even comprehended how blessed I am.

I don’t want to bore you with my life story, but when I look back I can see how much I’ve grown as a person, but I feels like I’m slipping back to old habits –bad habits, maybe I’m not, maybe I just have higher standards…or maybe I don’t know how to better myself anymore.

I’m not going to lie; for my age I’m quite immature, if there was a such thing as Never land, where I didn’t have to grow up I’d be there chilling with peter pan! I’m not immature in the sense of ‘OMG look at her she’s blah, blah, blah’, I just don’t want to do what people may age are doing. Perhaps slow developer would be the correct term.

People who don’t know me well often assume I’m mature because I don’t do what everyone else does ‘Socially’ my age or what have you; I have really bad social anxiety and to be honest I try not to let it stop me from doing things, but I pretty much regret it as soon as I’ve done ‘the thing’, in most social situations I just feel like a leach!

But, directionless emotional typing aside, I going to just accept it…because I don’t want to change just to fit it, I’m not going to try and fit in no more, so what if I don’t want to get drunk all the time, experiment with drugs, get a boyfriend, do things without my parents…post dog poop though someone’s letter box, I don’t know! And when people question why I don’t want to do these things, I’m going to simply answer with:

‘I’m an individual, not a sheep…I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing’

Actually feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, thank you very much blogger!  


The Nails ● Spotted Blue Handed with a rose

I haven’t cleaned them up in this photo; I couldn’t wait for them to dry! This was my first attempt at floral nails, surprising I’ve had a fair share of lovely comments about them, so I thought I’d give you a snap! Let me know if you wish to see what nail art I’m currently wearing on a regular basis? Just a thought…
Well I hope you’re having a lovely day


Fashion| Mettalica will never die!

I love the metallic trend, but it’s not something I have the guts to wear all the time and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. I’ve composed quite a placid outfit for people who like me; have such a big love but not such a big confidence.


Outfit Idea #1 ● autumnal Outfit Ideas...


I’m still grasping onto summer with this playsuit, I’ve had a lovely…quite chilled out summer this year and I really sad it’s finished! We are no in late November and I’m still talking about summer…on with the post!
River Island GeometricPlaysuit £20
This is a perfect all year rounder, bare legs in the summer and a pair of Primark cosy tights on those colder days and you’re sorted! Since it’s monochrome you can even add hints of colour to your outfit.
Newlook Ankle Strap Pumps £27.99
Heeled pumps are always good in transitioning seasons unless it’s snowing of course you don’t won’t something like this to happen now do you? They don’t even have to be black, as I said since the playsuit is monochrome so you can add a pop of colour (neon pink, maybe?)
Newlook Awkward Necklace £4.99

I couldn’t help myself, this is for all my fellow awkwardarians out there, you’re not alone! I absolutely am in love with this necklace, I only wish it came in sliver too :).
Debshops Studded Bag $20
This bag is the perfect size, it’s not too big so that you have a sagging bag…let’s face it we are not all Mary Poppins and its not so small that you can’t even fit your purse in it. It also comes in coffee and red if the colour scheme of this outfit isn’t quenching your style thirst!
Topshop Chunky Rib Beanie £14
Topshop and ASOS have the best beanies I have ever come across, sticking with the monochrome I’ve chosen this light grey casual beanie to keep those kray, kray, hairs down in the rain and wind!
Ark Hearts and Bows Cardigan £14.99

Granddad jumpers and cardigans of that style is my thing, as you may have noticed if you read my blog a lot, or even watch my channel! There is nothing better that being all cosy and sort of ‘retro’ at the same time. I love the way it heightens at the back, and gives of that effortless slouch vibe!

So, there you have it a quick outfit idea for autumn! Hope it gave you some inspiration! 






The Nails • Beautiful Plum & Gold Nails

The colours I used to create this were both from Avon, from their Nail Enamel range

If you recreate this look, tweet me! Or even tag me on Instagram and I’ll have a nose :)
Hope you are having a lovely day!



A little Day trip ● Cotswolds Wildlife Park…

Day Trip to the Cotswolds...

I was lucky enough to go on another visit to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park a couple of days ago! It’s my second visit this year and I’d really recommend it, it’s a beautiful place filled with such diversity.  

This time I went with my collage as a part of a module I’m doing next semester, in which we have to compare accommodation between to habitats of Zoo animals I believe. I originally went with intention of doing the study on the otters, but by the time I got there they were away so I settled for the Capybara which isn’t much of a disappointment anyway, there lifestyle is fairly comparable.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed these photos, and I also hope you’re having a lovely day!


OOTD ● don’t give me the cold shoulder over an LBD

Little Black Dress

//Dress, South//Platforms, Random Shop in Town//Belt, Versace//Bag, Pierre Balmain//Rings, both hand me downs//

Hey, today I have another outfit of the day post for you! Sadly, ALL the items I picked out can not be linked to, but hopefully you can take some inspiration from it! Totally have to find a new place to do outfit posts, it's just to crammed here  


Face of the Day◦ Red Lipped Girl

Poorly bad, sick a bit?*

A quick little cheeky face of the day, to remind you I am actually still alive after ‘dying’ from this cold! If you watched this video you would have known I sounded like a man who overdosed on male hormones! Anyway this look, since it felt like I’d been ran over by a bus backwards…I took some inspiration from the classic London red double deckers and wacked on some red lipstick ;)

Lips: AVON Extra Lasting Lipstick in Fiery Red
Eyes: NYC Precision Brush Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black & L’Oreal Million Lashes.

& that’s that; I’m not wearing any foundation or anything as you can tell, “anit nobody got time for that”!!
*Well I have a cold, if that counts?


The Autumn Tag


Favourite thing about autumn…
Autumn is hands down my favourite season, I love the fact I can wear my big fully jackets without people thinking I’m a complete and utter weirdo –I wear them all year round *Oops*. I’m British so I also love a good old weather moan with the strangers at the buss stop, but if I had to pin it down it would be the leaves falling off the trees and going all golden and crisp!