Fashion| Mettalica will never die!

I love the metallic trend, but it’s not something I have the guts to wear all the time and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. I’ve composed quite a placid outfit for people who like me; have such a big love but not such a big confidence.

If you don’t have to buoyancy of lady Gaga and her meat dress days, you can always opt for coloured metallic items; purple, greens and blues tend not to be as overpowering as ivories, silvers and golds.

You can tone down an outfit by adding the different finishes/textures into your outfit belonging to the same colour range as your chosen metallic piece –the same as the mint bag in the picture.

Also if your just starting out, you may want to limit the amount of jewellery you have on…sometimes this can even make your outfit look a bit more chic!
What is your current  personal fashion trend?

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