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I’m still grasping onto summer with this playsuit, I’ve had a lovely…quite chilled out summer this year and I really sad it’s finished! We are no in late November and I’m still talking about summer…on with the post!
River Island GeometricPlaysuit £20
This is a perfect all year rounder, bare legs in the summer and a pair of Primark cosy tights on those colder days and you’re sorted! Since it’s monochrome you can even add hints of colour to your outfit.
Newlook Ankle Strap Pumps £27.99
Heeled pumps are always good in transitioning seasons unless it’s snowing of course you don’t won’t something like this to happen now do you? They don’t even have to be black, as I said since the playsuit is monochrome so you can add a pop of colour (neon pink, maybe?)
Newlook Awkward Necklace £4.99

I couldn’t help myself, this is for all my fellow awkwardarians out there, you’re not alone! I absolutely am in love with this necklace, I only wish it came in sliver too :).
Debshops Studded Bag $20
This bag is the perfect size, it’s not too big so that you have a sagging bag…let’s face it we are not all Mary Poppins and its not so small that you can’t even fit your purse in it. It also comes in coffee and red if the colour scheme of this outfit isn’t quenching your style thirst!
Topshop Chunky Rib Beanie £14
Topshop and ASOS have the best beanies I have ever come across, sticking with the monochrome I’ve chosen this light grey casual beanie to keep those kray, kray, hairs down in the rain and wind!
Ark Hearts and Bows Cardigan £14.99

Granddad jumpers and cardigans of that style is my thing, as you may have noticed if you read my blog a lot, or even watch my channel! There is nothing better that being all cosy and sort of ‘retro’ at the same time. I love the way it heightens at the back, and gives of that effortless slouch vibe!

So, there you have it a quick outfit idea for autumn! Hope it gave you some inspiration! 





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