2013 ▪ Christmas Wishlist for Santa

Christmas is actually round the corner, only 24 sleeps till Santa munches on my mince pie and Rudolph rejects the washed carrot I always leave for him! So, you know what that means! My Christmas Wish list to Santa….

As I get older, I find it so difficult to think of things I would like, purely because I’ve most probably accumulated it all in my black hole of a bedroom. I know it wasn’t fancy Nancy, but I hope you enjoyed never the less.
Item Links: Sleek Contour Kit,Sleek Eau La Liner Dragon Fruit, Transparent Boots, Real Technique Core Collection , Real Technique Starter Set, Eyeliner Tattoo Transfers


  1. Ah it's nice to come back to blogger and see a post of you! And I agree I find it very hard to ask for something as I grow older :) x

    1. You’re back! I’m so glad your back; I’ve missed your posts! <3
      +& How lovely, thank you! x

  2. It really is harder to ask for things when you're older! It's also hard for my parents/grandparents to find me things that I would like! Now, they just give me money and take me shopping haha
    Great post! That contour kit is fantastic!

    1. Thankfully, my mum knows me like the back of her hand –her motto is anything she doesn’t like, I’ll love aha!

      +& it’s a beaut isn’t it! Hopefully Santa will pop it in our stockings :D x


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