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Moschino Autumn/winter 2013
I saw Islay rocking a beautiful tartan scarf a couple of weeks ago and ever since I’ve been on the hunt to find one to call my own. I’ve always been an admirer of the tartan print in green and blue, this red and black thing had never really caught my eye until, I went scarpering around the earth (slight exaggeration) to find a “perfect tartan” scarf, which I found here.
Before I sign off (oh, dear) did you guys see the Moschino autumn/winter collection? Oh, it was divine…something about the tartan print is just so British, you can take me back to the fifteenth century anytime (avoiding the cultural sensitivity, ahem). I think it will be pretty darn cool to go to an “up there” fashion event, but until that day I will just stalk the internet to reminisce about my deprived experiences.
Anyway I thought I would share with you some tartan/plaid items that I’ve been delightfully staring at, wishing they would just happen to pop into my wardrobe, maybe you’ll enjoy them to:  

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