Ready in 10, Outfit idea #2

Dress, Blouse, Shoes (variation), Beanie, Necklace  
Monsters inc. is by far the best movie I have ever watched, I absolutely love every little bit of the film –in favour of this, as the can see from the picture above, I decided to do an Outfit idea post on in it!

I’ve been a slight fan of the eternity symbol for ages now, so I thought why not match the hat the necklace ay? Thinking about it, I may even get the eternity symbol tattooed on me *hmm*

For the structure of the outfit, I picked out a Shenside shirt (monsters inc. of course) and a Shenside leather look Dungaree skirt! Both items I adore, and I think they’d go lovely with these studded vias by Jeffery Campbell, which I’ll be sure to rave about more in the near future.

What's your favourite Pixar/Disney Movie?



  1. Love the pinafore! My favourite has to be Lion King!

    I found your blog via BLoglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts :) xx



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