Sunday Portrait Week 2

001. As I mentioned last week, I have a ridiculous amount of work to be getting on with –eleven, yes eleven assignments to be getting on with! So, excuse me if this is “brief”  

 002. Before I forget, sorry I’ve been uber slow at replying to all of your lovely messages and comments. My internet started messing about Sunday night, and I’ve only got it back and running this Sunday *today* so, I’ll be replying soon as I’ve finished at least 5 assignments!
003. Ooh, it was my dads birthday Tuesday 10th so “happy birthday dude!” and just to publish it online, he was the grand old age of 35…which is actually still pretty young –you didn’t hear that from me though ;).
004. You know I was talking about that “interview” in my last Sunday portrait, the one we will never talk about again –well I got the job, I keep telling myself ‘I must have been the only one to apply’ I wasn’t...
005. Wednesday 11th I took a trip down to London to visit the Natural History Museum! I might do a post on it in the future, but the thing is I HATE green dinosaurs...who made them green? So, I don’t now how much that will weigh my post…otherwise I love it there!
006. Friday 13th I fully groomed a dog on my own (apart from his face, anyway). Indy was a beautiful, beautiful Cockerpoo! Don’t get me wrong we did “bathe” together, but he was so fun of energy and he would watch me, even if I was moving around the table, which was so adorable! Hopefully, I’ll get a photo…
Quote of the Week
Normal is an illusion. What’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly
-Morticia Addams

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