Sunday Portrait Week #3

001. This week has actually flown by, I finished collage on Wednesday, and so I’ve had plenty of time to get ahead with the following new years assignments! Not that I’m any where near done –yet!
002. Thursday, my granny came down to visit my “biological” family, if you will and gave me a flying visit to –which was nice considering I last seen her two years or so ago, so as you can imagine it was quite an emotional day on top of other on goings which I wont explore with you today.
003. After departing, I also met up with one of my bestest friends ever Ash, which was nice as she always cheers me up! And it was good spending some time with her as she’ll be off to Uni next year. 
004. We also put out decorations up this week –we only really have them in the lounge and on our dining table, but honestly it looks so homely and ‘warm’. Although I must admit, I’ve almost eaten all the candy canes of the tree….
005. Ahead of time, but I’ve actually finished the first topic post for the blogger challenge, which is quite exciting. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s and see how they differ from one another! Eager beaver me.

006. I believe that’s all that’s happened this week, if I was going to summarise it all up; Wouldn’t be the first if I’m forgetting to mention something really important though.
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