What I got For Christmas 2013 +Video ♡ ♡

Hello lovely people of the internet,
I didn’t like the format of taking a picture of my presents and then sticking them all together in one big post, so I decided I would wrap it all up in one video for you! Filming is definitely not my stronghold and editing to me is like trying to shave your legs with a chainsaw, messy! So hopefully, with your leftover dribs and drabs of Christmas sprits, you can gather enough not to judge me or my clearly disobedient hair! Lets go yo'
There were a few bits i didn't actually mention in this video and that's purely because i'm already using it! Before I leave and reside to my bed, I would just quickly like to take the time out and say another big HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who brought me something whether card or gift and all those who sent a thought my way! I love you all! 


  1. oh my god those cow socks!! Those boots looked pretty cool too :)! Sounds like you had a nice Christmas!
    Also, I love the color of your hair! Never change it; it's so pretty!!!

    1. It was wonderful!
      Thank you so much <3 Although its not as lovely as your red hair x

  2. Great post :) I'm seriously in love with those transparent boots! Also, the sleek contour kit is AMAZING.
    Lazy Obsession

    1. I can't wait to do an outfit post with them -Think they are going to be glued to my feet this year :) +& Really!! I can't wait to use it even more now x


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