We’re Moving – Come along!

Feels like I haven’t posted on this blog in like forever, which is partly true as the last time I posted over here was at “minimum” a month ago right? But do not disappoint, it’s because I’ve been working away on loads of new (And stolen) blog ideas for our new home over at www.wardrobeRambles.blogspot.co.uk –if you want to come along!  

Hopefully *crosses fingers* the move will go as swiftly and as fuss free as possible, and everyone that remains unaware of this planned, but abrupt move will be teleported quite happily across via bloglovin. As for GFC I’m not entirely sure of the process yet, however  I will keep you updated if anything changes in that aspect –As for now, I’ll see you over on Wardrobe Rambles, perhaps?  


Matte Lipstick Scarlet Siren

 scarlet Siren by MUA @ Superdrug 

This is a well pigmented lipstick and it ‘drags’ on quite uniform with an even coverage however since I personally have very pigmented lips, it doesn’t mute out my natural lip colour as much as I’d like it to –which is not actually a problem I have came across before.

Scarlet Siren lasts for quite a while on the lips, and leaves a red tingy tint after it’s faded away –which is good if you’re not the type of person to retouch, but still want a little colour going on in the lip department.    

Sadly enough, I can foresee the future of this product being shoved at the back of some draw in my room and forgotten about in no time –It’s not that I dislike the product, I just had higher expectations due to MUA’s shade 1 everyone and their nana raves about. Overall I would score this product a 3/5.

To be quite honest this lipstick was only just a pound, so I definitely say go check it out for yourself! I may have to experiment with some red lip liners to get the finish that works for me –I’ll keep you posted. 



Champneys Facial Cleansing System

I wanted to buy a facial brush after seeing many positive reviews about the Clarisonic and others in its category, but I just couldn’t bring myself to splash out on £100+ to clean my face, especially when I know a hot flannel and some elbow grease is just as good. However, when my eyes landed on this facial system, my mind and my bank account had some conversing to do…


13 Random Facts About Me

 Guess it’s time to get to know the girl behind the blog…
  • So I do believe its time for you to get to know me, ready?
  • My favourite song is teenage dirt bag or post girls?
  • I love the smell of coconuts, but they taste vile.
  • Mascots scare the life out of me, Disney land is my worst nightmare.
  • I’m the most socially awkward person you’ll ever meet
  • I want move to Thailand or Hawaii
  • Working in Pets at home would be the best thing ever
  • I think Medusa is beautiful  
  • I’m actually addicted to Snapchat, its Iyananikita by the way ;)  
  • I eat all the time
  • If I was to have children I would name them after Greek Gods
  • When I was younger I used to think we were controlled by giant humans  
  • I always write my blog posts at night
  • I love dog grooming, when there is no time limit
  • My pet rabbit Lorenzo is my world, love him loads.
  • I wear bed socks instead of or with “normal” socks, everyday!  


Payday Wishlist #1

Payday is always to far away for me, and you never know when it will be the last so –least with my stupidity! So, I came up with a little ‘Pick Me Up’ way of coping with a distant payslip…that is of course a Wishlist!


Primark’s Super Cosy Microfiber Tights

I know I’m like a decade late on this band wagon, it’s just I couldn't help myself! They were just blatantly sitting their in the hope I’d pick them up –I mean why else where they calling my name?
Wearing dresses is like an imaginative hobby of mine, because as much as I’d like it to be, exposing my legs to the elements is just not going to happen. One I hate the both the look and idea of prancing around anywhere but my home bare legged and two I freeze better than an unfrozen ice cube at 0°C –even though an unfrozen ice cube would be called ‘water’…

Halt! Before this is turned into a rant mission, the tights I picked up are the Primark’s super cosy microfiber tights as mentioned in the title post. They have this really awesome fuzzy lining in the underside, which not only makes them warm, but also quite comfy. Think these will be an everlasting favourite in my “tights collection” –and what’s more, because they are slightly thicker than normal tights, so they aren't as prone to ladder!



Review ◦ Topshop Celestial Nails

This has to be one of the most hyped colours from the Topshop nail polish line! Personally, I love all of the Topshop nail polishes, you can see some of my favourites here, but this is by far my favourite colour and it’s one of the only two colours I wear on my tootsies like ever!

My mission as stated here is to have every colour of rainbow in my collection, and it just so happens that celestial by Topshop will make the perfect sky blue atmosphere; but you can see that four yourself! It’s not the most durable of polishes, it lasts about 1-2 days for me –but I do wash up everyday and handle chemicals such as trigene and bleach!

The packaging is the same as the other standard sized bottles, I love the packaging its beautiful –I was worried the circles would fade and scratch off, but I’ve had it almost a good year now and it’s lasted perfectly fine, looks good as new!

There is nothing bad I can say about this little madden to be fair! The brush is one of the best I’ve ever used and you could if you wanted to get away with just one coat –so life is bliss…


Down Town with a Bullet

Top Primark Dungarees Primark Flatforms United Footwear
So I manned it and went into Primark to buy a pair cheap black jeans; unsurprisingly like most all of my shopping trips, I didn’t get a pair of black jeans…I brought something else instead, in this case the words “something else” is substituted the a faux leather dungaree skirt/dress pictured above.
I would personally define myself as being a slight agoraphobic, so places such as Primark make my skin crawl, and forgive me, but in that moment of time when I’m so causally being shoved into a rail of oddly smelling jumpers by a stampede of women and their baby-less prams, I do wish hells doors would open and consume me in one…So when I use the term “manned it” into Primark, I do mean I manned it. Anyhow, enough of how I strongly dislike Primark and on to the good byes, hope you enjoyed this post anyway and I’ll be typing again soon x


Review - Krazy Girl Liquid Eyeliner

I bought this on a whim a few weeks ago now and I have been in love ever since, as basically put, it’s just a standard black eyeliner that would be perfect for beginners and novices a like.


New In: Topshop

You may have noticed that I’m a Topshop dweller; however after recent affairs regarding my poorly bank account, I’ve decided to give itself sometime to recharge –however, I still cant help myself lusting over the new in stock, so I though I’d share with you a couple of bits.
I feel you can buy a lot of good tops anywhere, which is why I don’t myself indulge in the Topshop range to often, but when something’s pretty, something’s pretty!  
Call me weird, but I actually do not own a cami, I feel they would be way to revealing for my liking –I mean it seems to be a lot of chest and shoulder area bare! Regardless, if your into camis, this is definitely a little beaut.
I think I’m growing a subconscious new found love for denim, or a least Topshop denim at the moment! Although its not vintage, it does have a very nice aged feel to it.
I’m a sucker for coordinates, and you can get the matching bottoms to go with these beauties, so these could not be skimmed from the list! The burnt orange colour is just beautiful. 
Print Border Scrunchie -£4.00
I’ve been really into scrunchies lately, not to wear in my hair, but on my wrists! I’m not going to lie, people who wear scrunchies remind me of dinner ladies –there is nothing wrong with being a dinner lady, but not the one I have in mind.
Triangle Cup Strappy Mesh Bra -£18.00
I love sheer tops, especially lace jumpers, but sometimes it’s impossible to pull them off with a t-shirt or vest on underneath –it just looks silly! I do not have the guts to wear a bandeau, so this seems very appealing…
Leather Strappy Backpack -£80
There would be no way on earth, I would ever spend £80 on a bag, however this bag in white might just tip me over the ice berg. It’s quite a minimalist piece however such a little statement.   
Topshop always has nice outer ware in my opinion, and this week they still do not disappoint –I absolutely love this satin bomber, alone with the ones shown above.
I love unfitted jackets and I love denim jackets, so when my eyes came across this it was an ultimate jaw dropper. Can you deny its beauty? The lining looks like it will keep you nice and toasty too.
Another denim jacket, slap me! Forgive me for the use of word, but it’s just so ‘retro’ and vintage looking –it screams stolen from mum/dads wardrobe, now those are the best type of screams.
Pink coats seem to be a trend from last year that kind of stuck, and I absolutely love it! I’ve wanted a ‘Lucy Beale’ pink coat for ages, and this one seems the closes I’ve found so far, the only problem is it will be far to long for me!   

Loads of love, 


Welcome Back Chickens...

Why hello there, long time no typey-typey hey? So, I’ve got some explaining to do *Let’s do this bro* As you may, or may not have noticed I’ve had a substantial break from blogging and a few other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram purely because a good chunk of my time in the last few months previous to this “break” was spent solid blogging to the point where I just didn’t feel like I enjoyed it anymore –transparently speaking, it was beginning to feel a little chore title worthy! I think mainly because I’ve been treating blogging as a more important task then my job and furthermore my education –it all got too much for me to deal in a healthy way.
Because I was blogging to meet my own foolishly declared blogging schedule, my content is not what I wanted it to be; if it’s not something I want to read and scroll down, then it surely is not going to be of interest to anyone else out there –which is why I’ve took this time to really ‘relax’ and not worry about what content I should post next, but rather when and what I would LIKE to post. I want content that is ‘unique’ to me as this blog should surely only is a reflection of myself right?  
As for my schedule, I’m going to scrap the whole 2-3 day rule thing [Imagine a bin, place that thought into the bin, and destroy that bin] because frankly speaking I suck at schedules and plans anyhow. So, that is my semi unexplained absence from the whole internet world

On a more trilling note, least for me, normal blogging will continue soon…


Currently Loving #2 ♥ Pastels

Burberry S/S 2014

I’ve always been a huge devotee if pastel colours, whether it’s wallpaper or a pair of shoes! I remember going into Debenhams when I was younger, and you know how they have their bridal & bridesmaids collections, well when I went in there they were ALL muted violets, blues and greens…absolutely divine!

Surprisingly, I’ve always kept my fair distance way from pastels, because according to my horoscope (superstations are my religion, like really) they make me look washed out. I have since learned the attitude of who cares, from that day “hypothetically speaking of course” I’ve allowed myself to indulge in all things pastel!

The catwalk photo is from the English Rose collection from Burberry Spring Summer 2014 (Can't wait till , if you were wondering! I love looking at catwalk photos and when I go to University (crosses fingers) I will be going to London’s Fashion Week, but until then I guess I’ll have to settle for Birmingham’s alternative! Any who, these are some of my pastel goodies that I currently love:


I Fancy Fanny Crowns

Let’s get our facts straight –Sequin dresses look trashy, sorry but no way would you catch me dead in one of those! However, when I was snooping the interwebs of Fanny Crowns I came across this beauty; The Original Sweetheart [true to its name]. There is just something about this dress that I find so captivating, it could be to do with the fact it’s 100% handmade, it just makes it that little bit more special. I don’t know handmade things just feel ‘wholesome’ and worth it –think I may have a problem?  

I will continue to wear boots and flatforms until I’m 6ft under, however I had to compromise with this dress because if your going for it, you might as well go for it right? So I chose to pair it with these pretty little booties from Shellys London. The white of the boots will create a nice contrast with the royal blue colour. I cannot leave the house without wearing my Steven Madden Faux Fur coat, so I doubt you’d be surprised by the fact I paired it with a white vision of the coat from Miss Selfridges.   

If you live in a, lets say “cooler” place like I do, and you’re worried about your legs getting to cold and dropping off, you could always piece this number with a pair of Primark cost tights and bobs your uncle.

This dress excites me, I could type away for ages about it and restyle and style again –I should really get a hobby, shouldn’t I? Wrapping things up now though; if you would like it for yourself you can pick it up here or you can have a nose around their site to find the perfect dress for you –because trust me they will have it! Once you have found a dress, style it and you can enter this competition and you never know I could end up on your front door step…one day! 


The Nails ♥ bloody Maria

Ring Thrifted //  Bracelet Vintage, eBay

Lately I haven’t had the luxury of getting the time to sit down and spend hours painting my nails, but I got them shaped the other day and I couldn’t bare going around with visible nail stubs.

I finally picked up a dotting tool, a few weeks back so I thought I’d try it out, looks awfully shabby…but I thought I share with you what my nails look like short.  

Recent Blog Discoveries

I absolutely love finding new blogs to add to my current craze list, and I love it even more when the blogs I find are new to the scene, I don’t know –there’s something refreshingly raw and familiar about a new ‘blogger’ just getting started. Anyway, before this into turns into a creep fest, today I’m going to be sharing with you new discoveries to my subscription list –both new and old bloggers! 

The girl that rightfully holds the credits to this blog is called Vicky; from my point of view her blog is quite inspirational in the terms of fashion –I don’t know what is, but when I flick through to a new outfit post of hers I get about 50 ideas in my head. I truly and utterly love her blog!
Bemuze is a fashion based blog, ran by a lovely girl called Tara; when I say her style is immaculate –I do mean she looks amazing all the time! Her blog is yet another that inspires me in my own outfits and artwork! She hasn't actually posted in a while, but watch that space! On the plus side, it gives you a chance to get though all her old blog posts! 
These are my two current recent discoveries, as I said I absolutely lobe both their styles and blogs! So, if we have pretty similar style, you might you love these cherubs are much as I do…
Hope you are having a beautiful day!  



A Girl Can Dream Whistlist #1

One  // Two // Three -On and on Bronze // Four // Five // Six // Seven (alt) // Eight - Blizzard, Jade Stone // Nine

Quite a jam packed wish list for today’s post, I’m pretty sure I haven’t done one before, so hopefully this goes to plan.

001. I seen these shoes whilst browsing Forever21 looking for a pair of white combat boots, which I found here, but was pleasantly surprised these popped up! They are absolutely beautiful.

002. I’m pretty sure I discovered this purse whilst I was stalking Amy Valentine, which is a common hobby of mine. It seems to be more readily available for people who live in the states, but the link I’ve got ships to the UK.

003. I know I’m so late on the bandwagon, but I didn’t really wear eye shadows to tough until about 4 months or so ago! These have brilliant reviews, seem handy and are a reasonable price I’d say.

004. When I went to the airport back in November (mentioned in this post) they had loads of mini perfume counters, and I got the chance to have a whiff of Marc Jacobs Daisy –It wasn’t the first time I’d heard of it, it’s been raved about loads, it just want enticing enough for me to go out an try some! Honestly though, it’s one of the best things I’ve even smelt, you really must give it a sniff.

005. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for Jeffery Campbell’s (Need Evidence), I don’t own a pair to my name, but god dam *forgive me, father* they are beautiful. I wasn’t really into the Coltrane when it first risen to YouTube/Blogger stardom as everyone had it and I thought it would go out of trend but, I actually can’t keep my eyes off of them.

006. She put the lime in the coconut, she drank them both up –Every time I heard or read coconut, that phase instinctively light blubs. I really like the smell of coconut, I think I mention it every time I do a fragrance review, despite the fact they hardly ever contain coconut.

007. I just need a standard black beanie, I only have silly colours…like Ombre pink, Neon Yellows and Dappy hats *Yes, I know*. This one pretty cute and its black! Win, win I’d say.

008. Models own have a fantastic range, of both colours and textures, of nail polishes! I really must try some one day, plus I need a top coat…so I may have to delve.

That’s all folks for today, I’m not sure about the format of this post, it’s to much like my Sunday Summary’s! Maybe the next one will have its own identity if I end up doing one. Let me know what you’d put on you’re whist list if you had one? And would you recommend any of the Models own Polishes?


January Empties

This year I really want to get into the habit of using up products before I even contemplate buying a new one –it’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! In my recent efforts I went though my beauty unit and collated all the things reaching the end of their life. I’ve never actually managed to do an ‘empties’ post before, so I quite excited! 

Fashion Favourites // January 2014

 Nasreen from Lazy Obsession // Zara
Sammi from By Sammi Ryan // Vengeance 

This year I really want to up my game in the whole blogging scenario, don’t get me wrong blogging for me will always be a hobby and nothing more –but I just want to publish better content for you guys! Anyway, before my fingers go into rant mode, I thought I would start this new things called ‘Fashion Favourites’ Featuring all the bloggers attire that I’ve been lusting over lately! No only might they introduce you to some new blogs –but also might be of inspiration, who knows! Let me know if you enjoyed it!


Diet & Fitness: Weightloss Wednesday

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Being a strong healthy individual is very important to me, both in mind and body alike; so I’ve decided to jump on the old Bandwagon of “Weightloss Wednesday” which shall not be posted every week, but rather on the last Wednesday of Every month.
Now, I’m fully aware that to most people will assume that I’m not “fat” and I’m also fully aware that I’m not “gigantic” –whatever the definition of that may be! However, I do suffer from body image problems, and it just so happens my weight is quite central to the situation.
♥ Where it began?
I’ve always been quite “chubby” as a kid; I probably made a trip down to the corner shop to stuff my face with sweets and chocolate at least once, if not twice a day –which as you can image did not do wonders to my “beyoncĂ© tights”, if not developed them in the first place and trust me, if you don’t have beyoncĂ©’s body, you do not want her thighs.
I’m guessing that was the start of my sweet tooth, and I do mean sweet tooth, I will and do happily much on two packets of Harribos each day and on top of that I could probably fit in at least one chocolate bar, and two packets of crisp –oh plus any little munches like biscuits around the house. Not only is that incredibly vile, it’s not going to do anything for my health. As it stands I have a painfully palpitating heart, which I assume is either down to my diet or anxiety, because if were going to be honest, both are pretty shocking.
Since secondary school, so just over a year I’ve gained 1 stone, which is so embarrassing. It shows how lazy and fat I’m actually becoming –and it’s not good! I think because I’ve always been that fat kid, in my head as soon as I see some blubber that’s more in my face than usual, it makes me feel…not down, but pooh about myself. Hopefully, but the end of this year and this program, I will be combatable enough in my own skin.
♥ What to expect?
I’m going to be following the board outlines of ‘Wednesday Weightloss’, just as some structure and direction –making the post less self-centred and more universal, with that in mind obviously, what works for me and Suzann from number 63, might not work for you and bill.
At the end of a year lapse, so just into 2015, if I have the ‘man balls’ I will actually show to the progress or lack of development I’ve made –giving you little updates and tips along the way.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 



The Nails| My Acrylics

♥ Betsy Johnson, Local Boutique & eBay 
I’ve had acrylics done in the past, but by my mum when I was like 8/9 – I know it’s a little young, but I promise I haven’t had them done since…Anyway this post has no real direction what so ever, but I just thought I’d share with you guys my nails I had done a few weeks ago –I absolutely love them!

My natural nails grow quite quickly, so I will a little sceptical about having them done long initially –but once the woman put them on, honestly I was blown away! Hannah did such a great job, I can’t wait till I finish collage in May so I can get them done again, and they have stayed on so well! 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  


Winter Warmers (Boots & Jumpers Edit.)

One –Sold Out (H&M) // Two // Three // Four // Five (Alternative)
Winter ladies and gentleman is well and truly arrived –and I’m likewise well and truly late with this blog post! Today I’m just going to share with you some “Winter Warmers” if you will; just boots and jumpers…the pretty stuff!

Boots I wear boots all year round, just because for me they are a staple piece in my wardrobe –and because I’m always cold, ha! I think a white pair of boots and a black pair of boots is an absolute necessity in any person’s attire…

Left to right: One // Two // Three // Four
Knits and Jumpers I’m a jumper kind of girl! One they look beautiful and two they’re cosy and warm. I have yet to own one, but fisherman jumpers look an utter godsend –they are beautiful! Topshop have some pretty cool ones and if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, boohoo does them to.

Hope you keep nice and warm for the remainder of this winter!  


The Big Clothes Sort Out: Stay or Throw away

(Photo taken from Google images) 
Unless you’re a nudist, there will come a point in your life when you really must sort your clothes and restore life back into your wardrobe –because if it’s anything like mine, your hinges will go on strike, and trust me when you have and brimming wardrobe and the doors won’t shut, your room will look a bomb sight.