Diet & Fitness: Weightloss Wednesday

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Being a strong healthy individual is very important to me, both in mind and body alike; so I’ve decided to jump on the old Bandwagon of “Weightloss Wednesday” which shall not be posted every week, but rather on the last Wednesday of Every month.
Now, I’m fully aware that to most people will assume that I’m not “fat” and I’m also fully aware that I’m not “gigantic” –whatever the definition of that may be! However, I do suffer from body image problems, and it just so happens my weight is quite central to the situation.
♥ Where it began?
I’ve always been quite “chubby” as a kid; I probably made a trip down to the corner shop to stuff my face with sweets and chocolate at least once, if not twice a day –which as you can image did not do wonders to my “beyoncé tights”, if not developed them in the first place and trust me, if you don’t have beyoncé’s body, you do not want her thighs.
I’m guessing that was the start of my sweet tooth, and I do mean sweet tooth, I will and do happily much on two packets of Harribos each day and on top of that I could probably fit in at least one chocolate bar, and two packets of crisp –oh plus any little munches like biscuits around the house. Not only is that incredibly vile, it’s not going to do anything for my health. As it stands I have a painfully palpitating heart, which I assume is either down to my diet or anxiety, because if were going to be honest, both are pretty shocking.
Since secondary school, so just over a year I’ve gained 1 stone, which is so embarrassing. It shows how lazy and fat I’m actually becoming –and it’s not good! I think because I’ve always been that fat kid, in my head as soon as I see some blubber that’s more in my face than usual, it makes me feel…not down, but pooh about myself. Hopefully, but the end of this year and this program, I will be combatable enough in my own skin.
♥ What to expect?
I’m going to be following the board outlines of ‘Wednesday Weightloss’, just as some structure and direction –making the post less self-centred and more universal, with that in mind obviously, what works for me and Suzann from number 63, might not work for you and bill.
At the end of a year lapse, so just into 2015, if I have the ‘man balls’ I will actually show to the progress or lack of development I’ve made –giving you little updates and tips along the way.
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