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If you follow me on twitter *ahem* you’ll probably know that I tend to write [my best] posts at unearthly hours of the morning when my thoughts are fresh and alive! On my cock-crow blog stroll this morning I came across the lovely blogger called Lucie from fat beauty x and I discovered that both herself and another lovely blogger called Samantha from mascara and cakes are hosting a ‘Valentines Swap’ –obviously I couldn't contain my excitement and signed up straight away! What’s more anyone can join up; have I got your attention or have I got your attention?
How does it work?
Simply follow this link here and it will take you directly to Samantha’s page in which she explains all the ins and outs –primarily all you need to do is follow them both on three of their social media platforms and tweet about the swap! For people like myself who are to lazy to conduct their own tweet, they have even given you a button to hit and it does it automatically *marvellous*!  

The price limit for the valentines box is £20 ‘or to the nearest penny’, I’m actually so excited to be apart of it all! Finally, I forgot to mention that this is for UK residents only –I know it bums for people who live elsewhere, but hopefully their will be a similar opportunity out there for you soon (if not already). So go on, what you waiting for? Click that link!

Could you be my Valentines?

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