Iyana-Nikita’s New Year Resolutions

Okay, I admit it –“I’m the biggest hypocrite to walk this earth”. Recently via this post; I openly expressed my sheer hatred for any form of New Year’s resolutions. However, a week into the New Year I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed by my lack of direction, so although I’m a little late, Here are my New Year resolutions baby!!!

Look after your hair yo’ –As you can see, my hair is a hot mess right now! I just really need to start looking after it, which means no dying, no bleaching and getting it trimmed regularly. I love the length of my hair, and the way it bushes out, I don’t want it to grow, all I want is it to be happy (yes happy) and shiny!

Get a job and save some WONGA –Unfortunately for poorers like me in this world, money is power?  That’s not correct, but money will buy me a car and that needs power right? I think it’s time to start paying my way this year, after all I am going to be hitting the grand old age if 18 in August.

Fish are friends not food –I don’t think that Nemo quote quite fits in here, but what I’m trying to say stop being so anti-social, not everyone sets out with ulterior motives. Everyone should be given a chance and whilst I’m on chances; stop giving chances after chances to the people that don’t deserve it.

Scrub up your trouble(some skin)  –A year ago I wouldn’t dear to hit my pillow without taking my makeup off, washing, exfoliating, moisturising AND apply treatment to my face. Now I’m lucky if I even consider taking my makeup of before I got to sleep –as you can see I need to fix the Fr*it Cake up!

I feel like I should be banished from the face of the earth for being so hypercritical, but to be fair I wrote that post in advance for blogger challenge (as I’m so organised -_-, one day at a time Iyana, one day at a time). Hopefully I won’t find these to challenging, so that I actually do them, but let me know of any New Year resolutions you may have?

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