January Empties

This year I really want to get into the habit of using up products before I even contemplate buying a new one –it’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! In my recent efforts I went though my beauty unit and collated all the things reaching the end of their life. I’ve never actually managed to do an ‘empties’ post before, so I quite excited! 

Starting with hair; we have L’Oreal’s anti-breakage styling crème which feature in this post a good few months ago now! Which just shows how long It’s been sitting there collecting dust and now I have finally finished it –It’s no miracle worker, it smell nice and eases the styling process of my fro’, that’s all I can really say about it!
 The AvonNaturals hair balm is by far one of the best products I have gotten my hands on. I’ve had bleached hair for a good few years now, and nothing makes it smooth and as soft as this does –I’d really recommend it! The only thing is it smells a bit funny to me, other people have complimented the smell, but I think it’s more the case of marmite.
 Again by Avon is the moisture sleek smoothing cream, for medium to coarse hair and I’ve had this for again quite some time now –so I was pretty happy to see the dribs and drabs left (Even though I have another tube!) I’m not to fond of it, it doesn’t help in keeping or making my hair straight and it doesn’t smell to ‘thrilling’ either. It’s okay…
 Lastly for hair products, is the John Frieda 3day straight –I’m not going to dwell on this product because I truly and utterly hate it! It was so not worth the hype at the time nor the money. Broadly speaking it does what it says on the tin, whilst leaving your hair sticky and adopting a coarse texture! 
Unlike the hair care, skincare is a little more uplifting in this January empties, because I absolutely everything *sadly* that I finished. First up I have to share with you Clearasil’s overnight serum which I utterly love, this will remain my holy grail until it’s discontinued or I find something better –it’s amazing!
You will probably already know that I love little mini body sprays by impulse and so..?! I use them daily and so..? Kiss Me happens to be my lifetime favourite –which is why I’m out! It’s quite a musky one, but I’m pretty it’s among their best sellers!
Avon naturals as a line is really impressive, I’ve mentioned numerous times how much I despise ‘the activity of creaming’, but if it smell nice and get the job done –I’m all for it! The scents on these two are impeccable!
Neutrogena visibly clear cleansing lotion is honestly my skin saviour; I fist seen this product stashed out the back of uglyfaceofbeauty’s drawer, I can remember what video it was, but she basically said she hated it! Aha, but I picked it up anyway and was really impressed, it toned down my god awful skin. 

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