Sunday Portrait #6

Can you see the picture in the background with me balancing a balloon on my head like a genie? Yeah, once a weirdo always a weirdo!
I’ve decided to spruce up these weekly portraits and make them more into…well a portrait from with a little text to explain my on goings of course; because it’s a lot easier to take one snap of the week of myself then 100 of shabby ones and then hotchpotch-in them together right?!
You’ll just have to excuse my bare face and my massive forehead for now -It’s actually quite ironic that the last time I posted a bare faced picture onto my blog in my ‘significance of makeup today’ post I was also wearing the exact same top I’m wearing in this photo –it’s not even one I wear often at all!
Anyway, my week hasn’t been to exciting and I’ve got tons of work to be getting on with so I’m just going to skip ahead this week! But I’ll leave you with an inspiration photo and my current music ongoing…
I was thinking about this the other day, I’m not really a music person! Don’t get me wrong I love belting my heart out in the shower and whilst prancing around the house –but any background music tends to just annoy me! In reflection of that, I haven’t actually listened to anything out of the norm this week, so I’ll give you an all time classic of mine:
Finally before I go, this is the picture that has –maybe not inspired me, but touched me this month! I found the little madden on Google images, considering doing it to mine :) 

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