Sunday Summary #5

(The pout edition more like!) 
001. With Christmas done and dusted, and a whole week to play with the awesome gifts I got –which you can see here! And put together one or two outfits for my blog, so keep your eyes peeled to see how I style my transparent boots!

002. Super duper exciting news, well at least for me; I managed to reach 10 followers on Google friends connect on New Years day, so that was quite special.
003. I started working this week, I only worked one day and the day previous I got sent home –lets leave it at the word acrylics, it’s my own fault! I tore them off myself though, I really don’t recommend it I made my nail bed tare and peel in all sorts of unhealthy places!
004. As for the job itself, I can pretty much say; I feel more like a burden then a helping hand, so I don’t know if it would be wise for me to continue! Don’t get me wrong I actually quite like it there despite how many times I’ve messed up already! I’ve only had one day, so I think I’ll give it some more time before I can make a judgment if I can actually do what been asked of me.
005. This week, my dad brought home his friends dog for us to look after for the week! Which is super exciting because we don’t have a dog anymore; she actually passed away a year ago this month –miss her like crazy, although my mum insists of having her ashes in the front room, which needless to say I find a little morbidly creepy! 
006. I start College next week, so unless I have enough spared, posts will be a little sparse, although what ever the outcome I will be getting at least two out next week  
Recently I’ve been listening to a little from the band called “daughter”, whom I happen to actually love; now usually slow music has the ability to wring me like a sponge when it comes to crying –but for some reason, I can happily listen to ‘most’ songs from this band and not have a mental breakdown! Currently your kisses and medicine are my fravs! 
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How has your week been? x 

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