The Big Clothes Sort Out: Stay or Throw away

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Unless you’re a nudist, there will come a point in your life when you really must sort your clothes and restore life back into your wardrobe –because if it’s anything like mine, your hinges will go on strike, and trust me when you have and brimming wardrobe and the doors won’t shut, your room will look a bomb sight.

So, which clothes for keepers? 
Ladies and gentlemen, knowledge from a rehabilitated clothes hoarder, only keep clothes that fit –and now it doesn’t cont if its 10 dress sizes to small and your “going to fit back into it one day”. One day never comes, there I said it! When thinking about clothes to keep and not to keep, look at if from a checklist prospective; does it fit me? Does it look good on me? Is it wearable, condition wise? And how often do I wear it?
 If it doesn’t fit into any of those categorises it’s probably a hint that it should fly the nest, and land in someone’s hands that’s going to love and cherish it more than you possibly could.
Sentimental Items…
First up you shouldn’t be storing items with “emotional value” in your wardrobe, especially if you’re never going to wear it –think of all the times you rummage around, and all the chances it has to get ruined. Place it in a vacuum bag with some other stuff and pop it under your bed or in a storage cupboard. Things that you just can stomach to put in a bag, assemble a clothes rail in your attic and place it in a garment bag with a few moth balls, just in case.
Bin me or Give me? 
You should only bin things that are too worn (e.g. holes, rips…) for other people to get use out of it. Everything else should be given to charity, one mans waste is another mans treasure –Unless of course it’s underwear because that’s a tad bit creepy and really unhygienic.

 Profit…Of course you can sell your clothes to, on places like Market place, eBay and sites such as those! That way you can even put money towards me attire. 

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