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As you’re most likely well aware, I have a deep on going love for the shoe brands Vagabond and Jeffery Campbell –and as I share all of my materialistic life lusts with you, I gathered “Hey, why not do a post on all the Jeffery Campbell shoes that I would devote my life to, if given the chance” be sure a Vagabond one is likely to follow.

001. Float like a butter fly, sting like a bee! Stingers are by far, the best shoe Jeffery Campbell came out with in my opinion –they’re just so beautiful! I love platforms and transparent footwear; what’s more, some come studded. Can life get anymore divine?
002. I’ll go to 8th street anytime if it means I could pick up a pair of theses (I know, I know, I suck at puns) Doc. Martins are a true dark horse when bringing that phrase to the shoe land. The 8th street boots by Jeffery Campbell are honestly the best concoction of a shoe I’ve ever seen, although solely (no pun intended this time, honest) breed and are the creation of Jeffery Campbell, the boot could easily be passed off as a Doc.
003. These are a designer, knock of that popular (bank breaking) boot with the buckle, that every blogger and there Nan has a variation off. Don’t get me wrong, I think the boots quite pretty, but I hate buckles –so this is the awesome alternative, I would like to cradle and call my own.
004. I like the Lita by JC, because they look quite versatile, but also very…very hard to walk in! So I’ve adopted the Crown 2 –Which isn’t actually a variation o f the Lita at all, but rather a design found on the Lita Crown. Isn’t it just *safely* beautiful)
005. Okay, biggest contradiction of my life…but look at this Lita!!! It’s Orange and I couldn’t resist –all the other shoes, I could get away with wearing daily, but not this one. You could if you’re a DAM, type of person! The mesh makes it look quite sporty. I like, I like a lot.
006. These would be perfect every day shoes for me, there’re not too bland, but still completely reserved. They do look like quite a jazzy granny gift, but they are so beautiful (& studded) I’d happily accept the roles of having the granny shoe status.
Now my list could go on, and finish sometime in the far…far future, but I shall reminisce back into my actual life and stop lusting over shoes! I hope you enjoyed this post and if there’re any Jeffery Campbell lovers out there, you must tell me your favourite shoe, so I don’t sound so shallow!
I hope your having a fabulous day!

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