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Transparent boots* via eBay 
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As you guys might know, I’ve been dying to get my hands on these shoes, from the moment I laid my eyes on them. I mentioned them a few months ago in my Christmas Wishlist, and luckily for me, my amazing mum and dad picked a pair up for me on their online travels –I’m so glad they did because they are absolutely beautiful, I love them so much!
The quality of the shoe itself is pretty darn good; but to be totally honest it’s virtually made out of one material alone, so there are not going to be faults with glue and the stitching is actually engraved in the plastic which is pretty cool!
The martial inside is slightly cloudy, which I assuming was put in place for a valid reason –that reason being that the shoe displays condensation and ‘sweat droplets’ it’s a little yuck worthy; but their just so quirky, I can live with it –its just the fault of these kind of shoes.

I do find them a tiny bit difficult to walk in, but I’m assuming that is because they run true to size, and I’m actually a half size and these are a six. I might have to get some cute little insoles, or wear thicker socks so it doesn’t feel like my feet are having their own little disco in there –but I bet they will fit like a glove if you actually get your ‘actual’ size, they are labelled as comfy!

Honestly if you’re looking for a very idiosyncratically quirky shoe, then this will be your best friend as well as mine! I give them a four out of five; As much as I love these shoes, it’s unfair to give them a five out of five ranking purely because there is a default in the design –ideally, they should have some kind of ventilation holes, like seen in the Jeffery Campbell Stringers. Although having air holes doesn’t look too appealing, it looks a lot better then the condensation/sweat droplets that visibly build up whilst your wearing the shoes making it look foggy –But then again if you just cant stand the build up you can pierce little holes, but it’s honestly not that bad!
Would you consider buying a pair? 
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oh and if you want to see the condensation that develops inside look out for my "Transparent Comic" video x

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