Winter Warmers (Boots & Jumpers Edit.)

One –Sold Out (H&M) // Two // Three // Four // Five (Alternative)
Winter ladies and gentleman is well and truly arrived –and I’m likewise well and truly late with this blog post! Today I’m just going to share with you some “Winter Warmers” if you will; just boots and jumpers…the pretty stuff!

Boots I wear boots all year round, just because for me they are a staple piece in my wardrobe –and because I’m always cold, ha! I think a white pair of boots and a black pair of boots is an absolute necessity in any person’s attire…

Left to right: One // Two // Three // Four
Knits and Jumpers I’m a jumper kind of girl! One they look beautiful and two they’re cosy and warm. I have yet to own one, but fisherman jumpers look an utter godsend –they are beautiful! Topshop have some pretty cool ones and if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, boohoo does them to.

Hope you keep nice and warm for the remainder of this winter!  

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