I Fancy Fanny Crowns

Let’s get our facts straight –Sequin dresses look trashy, sorry but no way would you catch me dead in one of those! However, when I was snooping the interwebs of Fanny Crowns I came across this beauty; The Original Sweetheart [true to its name]. There is just something about this dress that I find so captivating, it could be to do with the fact it’s 100% handmade, it just makes it that little bit more special. I don’t know handmade things just feel ‘wholesome’ and worth it –think I may have a problem?  

I will continue to wear boots and flatforms until I’m 6ft under, however I had to compromise with this dress because if your going for it, you might as well go for it right? So I chose to pair it with these pretty little booties from Shellys London. The white of the boots will create a nice contrast with the royal blue colour. I cannot leave the house without wearing my Steven Madden Faux Fur coat, so I doubt you’d be surprised by the fact I paired it with a white vision of the coat from Miss Selfridges.   

If you live in a, lets say “cooler” place like I do, and you’re worried about your legs getting to cold and dropping off, you could always piece this number with a pair of Primark cost tights and bobs your uncle.

This dress excites me, I could type away for ages about it and restyle and style again –I should really get a hobby, shouldn’t I? Wrapping things up now though; if you would like it for yourself you can pick it up here or you can have a nose around their site to find the perfect dress for you –because trust me they will have it! Once you have found a dress, style it and you can enter this competition and you never know I could end up on your front door step…one day! 


  1. love it! sequins are really hard to pull off for me too. this pick is really pretty though! i love how you can wear it multiple ways.

    xoxo hobovogue ღ

  2. Hi!! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! If you're not sure what it's all about, I talk about it here:


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