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I absolutely love finding new blogs to add to my current craze list, and I love it even more when the blogs I find are new to the scene, I don’t know –there’s something refreshingly raw and familiar about a new ‘blogger’ just getting started. Anyway, before this into turns into a creep fest, today I’m going to be sharing with you new discoveries to my subscription list –both new and old bloggers! 

The girl that rightfully holds the credits to this blog is called Vicky; from my point of view her blog is quite inspirational in the terms of fashion –I don’t know what is, but when I flick through to a new outfit post of hers I get about 50 ideas in my head. I truly and utterly love her blog!
Bemuze is a fashion based blog, ran by a lovely girl called Tara; when I say her style is immaculate –I do mean she looks amazing all the time! Her blog is yet another that inspires me in my own outfits and artwork! She hasn't actually posted in a while, but watch that space! On the plus side, it gives you a chance to get though all her old blog posts! 
These are my two current recent discoveries, as I said I absolutely lobe both their styles and blogs! So, if we have pretty similar style, you might you love these cherubs are much as I do…
Hope you are having a beautiful day!  


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