13 Random Facts About Me

 Guess it’s time to get to know the girl behind the blog…
  • So I do believe its time for you to get to know me, ready?
  • My favourite song is teenage dirt bag or post girls?
  • I love the smell of coconuts, but they taste vile.
  • Mascots scare the life out of me, Disney land is my worst nightmare.
  • I’m the most socially awkward person you’ll ever meet
  • I want move to Thailand or Hawaii
  • Working in Pets at home would be the best thing ever
  • I think Medusa is beautiful  
  • I’m actually addicted to Snapchat, its Iyananikita by the way ;)  
  • I eat all the time
  • If I was to have children I would name them after Greek Gods
  • When I was younger I used to think we were controlled by giant humans  
  • I always write my blog posts at night
  • I love dog grooming, when there is no time limit
  • My pet rabbit Lorenzo is my world, love him loads.
  • I wear bed socks instead of or with “normal” socks, everyday!  


  1. I loved your ¨I think Medusa is beautiful¨ comment! I thought it was pretty thought provoking, even if it wasn't meant to be haha! I can assure you though, no matter how socially awkward you think you are, I can be like 3 times more awkward!!


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment :D
      I just genuinely think she's beautiful, ha glad it made you think though! That's nice to know, I'll keep that in mind when I next do something really retarded! :)

  2. "And Asha is my bestest friend in the whole entire galaxy" - oh, yarn <3


    1. Girl I love you, but lets not lie to ourselves...joking, I could do worse ;)


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