Down Town with a Bullet

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So I manned it and went into Primark to buy a pair cheap black jeans; unsurprisingly like most all of my shopping trips, I didn’t get a pair of black jeans…I brought something else instead, in this case the words “something else” is substituted the a faux leather dungaree skirt/dress pictured above.
I would personally define myself as being a slight agoraphobic, so places such as Primark make my skin crawl, and forgive me, but in that moment of time when I’m so causally being shoved into a rail of oddly smelling jumpers by a stampede of women and their baby-less prams, I do wish hells doors would open and consume me in one…So when I use the term “manned it” into Primark, I do mean I manned it. Anyhow, enough of how I strongly dislike Primark and on to the good byes, hope you enjoyed this post anyway and I’ll be typing again soon x

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