New In: Topshop

You may have noticed that I’m a Topshop dweller; however after recent affairs regarding my poorly bank account, I’ve decided to give itself sometime to recharge –however, I still cant help myself lusting over the new in stock, so I though I’d share with you a couple of bits.
I feel you can buy a lot of good tops anywhere, which is why I don’t myself indulge in the Topshop range to often, but when something’s pretty, something’s pretty!  
Call me weird, but I actually do not own a cami, I feel they would be way to revealing for my liking –I mean it seems to be a lot of chest and shoulder area bare! Regardless, if your into camis, this is definitely a little beaut.
I think I’m growing a subconscious new found love for denim, or a least Topshop denim at the moment! Although its not vintage, it does have a very nice aged feel to it.
I’m a sucker for coordinates, and you can get the matching bottoms to go with these beauties, so these could not be skimmed from the list! The burnt orange colour is just beautiful. 
Print Border Scrunchie -£4.00
I’ve been really into scrunchies lately, not to wear in my hair, but on my wrists! I’m not going to lie, people who wear scrunchies remind me of dinner ladies –there is nothing wrong with being a dinner lady, but not the one I have in mind.
Triangle Cup Strappy Mesh Bra -£18.00
I love sheer tops, especially lace jumpers, but sometimes it’s impossible to pull them off with a t-shirt or vest on underneath –it just looks silly! I do not have the guts to wear a bandeau, so this seems very appealing…
Leather Strappy Backpack -£80
There would be no way on earth, I would ever spend £80 on a bag, however this bag in white might just tip me over the ice berg. It’s quite a minimalist piece however such a little statement.   
Topshop always has nice outer ware in my opinion, and this week they still do not disappoint –I absolutely love this satin bomber, alone with the ones shown above.
I love unfitted jackets and I love denim jackets, so when my eyes came across this it was an ultimate jaw dropper. Can you deny its beauty? The lining looks like it will keep you nice and toasty too.
Another denim jacket, slap me! Forgive me for the use of word, but it’s just so ‘retro’ and vintage looking –it screams stolen from mum/dads wardrobe, now those are the best type of screams.
Pink coats seem to be a trend from last year that kind of stuck, and I absolutely love it! I’ve wanted a ‘Lucy Beale’ pink coat for ages, and this one seems the closes I’ve found so far, the only problem is it will be far to long for me!   

Loads of love, 


  1. Since I live in North Carolina, there isn't a top shop anywhere in sight... but I'll definitely look into ordering that folk print shirt because it's too pretty to pass up!


  2. I bet you have an amazing accent; I actually just met someone this week from Carolina, and his accent was amazing! And yes, that top is truly something :)


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