Primark’s Super Cosy Microfiber Tights

I know I’m like a decade late on this band wagon, it’s just I couldn't help myself! They were just blatantly sitting their in the hope I’d pick them up –I mean why else where they calling my name?
Wearing dresses is like an imaginative hobby of mine, because as much as I’d like it to be, exposing my legs to the elements is just not going to happen. One I hate the both the look and idea of prancing around anywhere but my home bare legged and two I freeze better than an unfrozen ice cube at 0°C –even though an unfrozen ice cube would be called ‘water’…

Halt! Before this is turned into a rant mission, the tights I picked up are the Primark’s super cosy microfiber tights as mentioned in the title post. They have this really awesome fuzzy lining in the underside, which not only makes them warm, but also quite comfy. Think these will be an everlasting favourite in my “tights collection” –and what’s more, because they are slightly thicker than normal tights, so they aren't as prone to ladder!


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