Welcome Back Chickens...

Why hello there, long time no typey-typey hey? So, I’ve got some explaining to do *Let’s do this bro* As you may, or may not have noticed I’ve had a substantial break from blogging and a few other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram purely because a good chunk of my time in the last few months previous to this “break” was spent solid blogging to the point where I just didn’t feel like I enjoyed it anymore –transparently speaking, it was beginning to feel a little chore title worthy! I think mainly because I’ve been treating blogging as a more important task then my job and furthermore my education –it all got too much for me to deal in a healthy way.
Because I was blogging to meet my own foolishly declared blogging schedule, my content is not what I wanted it to be; if it’s not something I want to read and scroll down, then it surely is not going to be of interest to anyone else out there –which is why I’ve took this time to really ‘relax’ and not worry about what content I should post next, but rather when and what I would LIKE to post. I want content that is ‘unique’ to me as this blog should surely only is a reflection of myself right?  
As for my schedule, I’m going to scrap the whole 2-3 day rule thing [Imagine a bin, place that thought into the bin, and destroy that bin] because frankly speaking I suck at schedules and plans anyhow. So, that is my semi unexplained absence from the whole internet world

On a more trilling note, least for me, normal blogging will continue soon…


  1. I'm glad to have you back!! I have the same problem! If I try to commit to a schedule, blogging stresses me OUT! Therefore, I just post whenever I want to.. haha!


    1. Awrh, thank you! Least I'm not in the boat alone ;) x


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