Champneys Facial Cleansing System

I wanted to buy a facial brush after seeing many positive reviews about the Clarisonic and others in its category, but I just couldn’t bring myself to splash out on £100+ to clean my face, especially when I know a hot flannel and some elbow grease is just as good. However, when my eyes landed on this facial system, my mind and my bank account had some conversing to do…

The brush itself retails for £49.99 in boots, which I know seems quite a hefty price, but boots are always doing fancy little deals and you can also pick this up online for a few pounds cheaper. It comes with the electrical device itself, a stand to place it in, batteries (which made me very happy) and 4 brush heads, two if which are for exfoliating and the other two are for daily use. They recommend that you change the brush heads every 3-4 months –and then you can apparently buy replacement heads from boots, but I’m yet to find them.
 Personally, I think this is a more affordable alternative to the more established brands in the electrical skin care sector –it is a very basic brush in the sense of settings, one for all and all for one sort of thing and it has only two brushes, both of which are super easy to change over and replace. The device leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, and although it did break my out in the early days, most new products seem to have this phase with my skin.  

I love product as it’s made my skin care routine a little bit more luxurious, however there are some cons in this product that I find it ‘challenging’ to over look. Firstly, the brush doesn’t rotate as you would expect a facial brush to do –the whole device vibrates, which I could live with, but it’s the fact that it causes some pain to my wrists, which causes a problem for me. Lastly, the exfoliant brushes are just way to abrasive for me, which is a shame because I like really ‘harsh’ exfoliantants, they say to use this head every other day, but I would recommend once a week or so.  
The brush head displaying the darker inner rim is the exfoliant head, which they sate is “suitable for every other day use”. Therefore the remanding brush head, which is solid white in colour, is the ‘daily brush’. To touch; both these brushes feel incredibly soft and moulding, and there seems to be only slight a difference in density with the exfoliant brush. That being said, when placed on the system itself, the exfoliating brush is actually quite abrasive –especially if your face is only damp, make sure your face is wet otherwise you’ll be competing with tomatoes for redness.    

Although I personally wouldn’t buy this product again, especially for £50, it’s not something I regret buying and will probably something I would keep in my routine for quite some time –hopefully I can find some replacement heads. 


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  1. I really want a facial cleansing brush but I just can't bring myself to part with the cash!! I hadn't seen this one though, it's definitely one to consider!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award: http://princessofpretty.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/liebster-award.html

    I look forward to reading your answers :)

    Lauren xx


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