Matte Lipstick Scarlet Siren

 scarlet Siren by MUA @ Superdrug 

This is a well pigmented lipstick and it ‘drags’ on quite uniform with an even coverage however since I personally have very pigmented lips, it doesn’t mute out my natural lip colour as much as I’d like it to –which is not actually a problem I have came across before.

Scarlet Siren lasts for quite a while on the lips, and leaves a red tingy tint after it’s faded away –which is good if you’re not the type of person to retouch, but still want a little colour going on in the lip department.    

Sadly enough, I can foresee the future of this product being shoved at the back of some draw in my room and forgotten about in no time –It’s not that I dislike the product, I just had higher expectations due to MUA’s shade 1 everyone and their nana raves about. Overall I would score this product a 3/5.

To be quite honest this lipstick was only just a pound, so I definitely say go check it out for yourself! I may have to experiment with some red lip liners to get the finish that works for me –I’ll keep you posted. 


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  1. really nice shade for you though! I know how you feel, I buy stuff and I always feel sad when I know it's going to be one of those products that won't receive any love...not necessarily because it's a bad product, but because it's not a WOW product!



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